“Rolfing is an intensely therapeutic system of healing that we can all benefit from. Elise Purcell is an outstanding trained practitioner of this work. Get Rolfed by Elise and experience Longevity Now!”

– David Wolfe, author of The Sunfood Diet Success System, Eating For Beauty, Superfoods:
The Food and Medicine of the Future, davidwolfe.com

“My wellness journey with Elise has been the most incredible one. Despite facing multiple physiological challenges (hello, adrenal exhaustion, depleted cortisol, nonexistent DHEA and leaky gut) I have made serious strides with my health with all credit due to Elise and her educated guidance. I would recommend her and her services to anyone and everyone. Her knowledge of anatomy, passion for wellness and her love for her clients is unmatchable and truly a gift. She is a light that heals everything she touches. She is my light and she will heal you too.”

– Stephanie Miletich, Marketing for Toe Sox

“I had a 10 Series with Elise before getting pregnant and got pregnant with ease shortly after it finished, and without even really trying.

After my delivery, I had such an ache in my back that nothing helped (yoga, chiropractic, cranial sacral therapy) until I went back to Elise for a Rolf session. In just ONE session, she completed eliminated a pain that was all pervasive for months. She and her hands are magic. I cannot recommend her work highly enough!”

– Christa Orecchio

“I can’t say enough good things about Elise. The 10 series made great improvements in my posture, balance, flexibility and athletic performance. Due to chondromalacia patella, I have had chronic knee pain for over 25 years and had gel injected into my knees monthly to reduce the pain. After the 10 series, my knee pain has abated substantially, and I have reduced my injections to every other month. My pain is no longer constantly in the forefront of my mind, which is an incredible and life changing improvement for me.
As a competitive martial artist, after working with Elise I went on to win the 2009 Chinese Martial Arts World Championship. Certainly hard work played a part in my competitive improvement, but the increase in balance and flexibility played a big part as well.”

– Tai Seibert, 2009 Tai Chi Push Hands World Champion

“I have three children and a stressful, demanding job. Over the years, I had forgotten about myself. Elise has helped me refocus on myself, which is in turn benefitting everyone else in my life. I am now eating green leafy vegetables not be skinny but because it is the kind of fuel my body needs to enable me to feel my best. I am paying attention to my water intake. Elise is helping me identify relationships in my life which empower me and helping me nurture those relationships. She is helping me learn to accept help and be more forgiving of myself. Hers is truly a holistic approach in that she understands that one aspect of your life influences all aspects. I am watching myself slowly evolve into a healthier, happier, better adjusted person with her help. Thank you, Elise!”

– Shannon Thompson, mother and lawyer

“After a lifetime playing physical sports I spent the past 10 years in discomfort spending time, energy and money trying to find someone that understood what was going on in my body. I saw acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, even surgeons and none of those gave me more than a day or two of reprieve. Then I found Elise. After working with her for a couple of months everything started to change. I felt like I finally found a system that worked for me and set me free from pain that I had nearly accepted as a lifelong curse. Elise was able to get into the deep areas of my body that other modalities didn’t and release tension that I had been holding onto for years. I was very impressed with the physical aspect of her work, but I feel Elise’s intuition and ability to connect with what was going on in my body was what set her apart as excellent, and I believe this is responsible for my living pain free today, nearly 6 months after completing the 10 Series.”

– Joe Kudla, CEO of Vuori Clothing

“I am a former pro skateboarder and very active athlete with surfing, skating and yoga all part of my weekly routine. I did the 10 Series with Elise and found it to be very effective with improving some long term injuries I was challenged by. I would recommend her to anyone”

– Chris Miller, ex pro-skater

“Elise has a very sweet, welcoming, and uplifting personality. Its very easy to feel safe and comfortable with her. She has a good understanding of anatomy and pathology, good connection skills, and a natural touch that is both deep and sensitive. I found my sessions with her to be very enjoyable and beneficial. If you’re looking for bodywork, I would definitely recommend her.”

– Daniel Schmachtenberger,  Co-Founder of Neurohacker Collective