Worthy Men, Seventh Edition: Ben Greenfield


Who: Ben Greenfield (IG: @bengreenfieldfitness)

Occupation: Coach, Author, Speaker, Founder of Kion

Location: Spokane, Washington


Have you heard of Ben Greenfield?  If you are into health and wellness, you probably have. Especially if you are a dude. This guy has has been interviewed by Joseph Mercola, Joe Rogan, was featured in Men’s Health just last month and will talk about literally anything.


He’s a self-proclaimed masochist, and will pretty much do whatever it takes to his body in the name of testing it to the limits and scientific experimentation. To give a little taster of what I mean: he has participated in 13 Iron Man Triathalons, the Spartan Delta, and has trained with Navy Seals for fun.

I met Ben and his lovely wife Jessa at a good friend’s wedding in Kauai.  I learned that he is extremely intelligent, pretty much never serious and can imitate any accent under the sun… but definitely best at Kermit the Frog.


He gets (a little) more serious here in the audio response below, answering the 3 questions that I ask all the Worthy individuals chosen. His advice is applicable to almost anyone and you should especially listen if you think his greatest challenge would be physical 🙂


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