True Cellular Detox

As some of you might know, I had a plethora of chronic illnesses going on just a few years ago. I was doing everything I knew how to feel better, but not really getting better. Sometimes I would heal something, only to find a new symptom or illness crop up. One of the main things that I discovered and treated that made the biggest difference in the way I felt: heavy metals.

I had gone to several doctors who had not worked a lot with toxicity and did not seem comfortable doing a heavy Detox with me (my adrenal glands were in really bad shape). Most doctors do not like to talk about Heavy Metals. But I knew getting rid of them was my answer…so I created my own.  It took a whole year, I was in bed a lot and it was rough in many ways… and after that my heavy metal toxicity measured very low and I felt a lot better.

But I knew there had to be an easier, faster and more graceful way to (truly) detox.

I have since spent the last 2 years reading, listening and learning everything possible about this topic of toxins, where they come from and the best way to get rid of them. I am not just talking about the toxins that we are breathing, bathing in, drinking and eating daily (because we are doing all of that), but even more importantly the toxins that we have had for a long time, like the ones we got from birth(ex: lead was very common in a mother’s breast milk) and growing up(ex: the amalgams many children get for braces are now considered very dangerous).

I started putting together a plan, and for the sake of the length of this article I will keep this short: I found someone who had put all the elements of the same protocol together, the main/active ingredient and supplements, even the same diet and exercise advice!  At first, I was a little upset.  This topic was so personal to me and I truly thought I had put all of this together for the first time. But when I realized this man’s (Dr. Daniel Pompa) influence in the industry and how thorough the whole Detox protocol was and how good the videos were, etc I was just happy to be part of facilitating the information.

And it is something I agree with and can stand behind 100%, both from a scientific and experiential place.  I have gone through it myself and have taken about 15 clients through it as well, and every single person so far has had nothing but good things to say. 

Below is a video with good friend and client, Libby Carstensen.  She gives her personal experience from doing the Detox and we begin a conversation on the difference between this and other Detoxes or Cleanses.




If you would like more information in the form of a video on: (use all caps and no spaces)

*low energy/brain fog: text THINKCLEAR to 44222

*chronic pain: text NOPAIN to 44222

*sleep/anxiety: text GETSLEEP to 44222

*weight loss resistance: text LOSEIT to 44222

The Detox is called True Cellular Detox, and it includes:

Initial Toxicity Testing, 90 Days of Supplement Information and Instructions, 20+ Hours of Detox Training, 90 Day Meal Plan with Grocery Lists, 3 Monthly Calls (with me), Fasting and Ketosis Information, Burst Training Suggestions, lots of supplementary articles, and more.

The cost is usually $3000 but I am selling it right now for $1500.  You can do 3 monthly installments of $520 if that works better for you.

Please let me know if there are any further questions, concerns, or how to start…I would be happy to help you out!

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